Effective, Compassionate and Affordable Addiction Treatment in Northern Virginia

For over two decades, the historic and legendary Harrison House in Northern Virginia has been a safe, discreet and supportive haven for people in the Southern and Mid-Atlantic United States suffering from drug or alcohol use disorder. It has long been the place where substance use disorder survivors and their loved ones have found solace, peace of mind, lasting sobriety and the possibility of a better tomorrow. The Harrison House has endured as a fixture in the American addiction treatment landscape and sought-after recovery destination for patients all over the country. Recovery Unplugged is pleased to partner with this pillar of exemplary to offer our brand of music-based addiction treatment to more and more prospective clients in the area.

Helping Virginia Heal from Addiction

Recovery Unplugged understands the unique and specialized substance abuse threats that Virginia residents face. The state is situated right in the middle of the mid-Atlantic Ground Zero for opioid addiction. The Virginia Department of Health reports that in 2016, the state saw 803 deaths from fentanyl and heroin, 465 deaths from other prescription opioids, 1,401 ER visits from heroin overdose, 8,710 visits for other opioids and 4,076 Narcan (naloxone) deployments. The border state of West Virginia leads the country in fatal opioid overdoses. On top of prescription and illicit opiates, existing threats like cocaine, methamphetamine and synthetic drugs continue to threaten Virginians in every portion of the state.

In-Network with Most Insurance Companies

The Harrison House has long been a preferred addiction recovery destination due primarily to the quality of care patients have found there; however, they have also been celebrated for their ability to the treatment process more affordable through their relationships with most major insurance providers. Recovery Unplugged at Harrison is continuing this tradition of affordability and convenience and leveraging those same connections to help you or your loved one more easily pay for treatment. We are in-network with most healthcare companies, which means that we most likely have established agreements with your insurance provider. Call us today for a free and confidential insurance verification.

Multiple Treatment Options Available

We recognize that patients require customized care that fits their clinical needs and lifestyle. Recovery Unplugged at Harrison offers a variety of treatment options, including PHP (partial hospitalization) and intensive outpatient (IOP). Our facility is in-network with most insurance companies to make treatment as affordable as possible to our prospective patients. Recovery Unplugged at Harrison House also coordinates medically supervised detoxification and withdrawal management to help patients heal as comfortably as possible. It is our goal to provide a full continuum of care and assist patients through each stage of the treatment process, from intake to discharge and every element in between.

Tradition Meets Innovation

Many addiction treatment organizations have peripherally integrated music therapy into their overall care approach; however, Recovery Unplugged is the first and only treatment provider to recognize, harness and fully implement the healing powers of this art form. Music helps individuals break down emotional barriers and allows them to access dormant emotions in ways in which traditional talk therapy often falls short. It takes away that sense of guarded protection and pretense that patients often feel during the rehab process. Recovery Unplugged has helped numerous patients overcome their drug and alcohol addiction through the power of music, and we’re ready to do the same for you or your loved one. Call us today at 844-889-9433 to start the healing process now.