Facilitating Your Entry Into Treatment

Recovery Unplugged is continuing the Harrison House legacy of service, support, assistance and advocacy to all of our clients through each stage of the treatment process, starting with the admissions process. We understand how scared, confused and uncertain our clients can be prior to start treatment, and we are determined to make the process as easy and hassle-free as possible. Our intake coordinators and admissions professionals will answer all of your questions to give you and your addicted loved one the peace of mind and assurance they deserve when taking this critically important first step toward their recovery. You don’t have to be afraid of treatment. We’re here to help.

Facilitating Your Transition into Treatment

Start Your Treatment Today

The Harrison House has always strived to make treatment as affordable as possible and that commitment has not waivered. Our admissions process starts with a thorough evaluation of patients’ care needs, lifestyle and substance abuse history. This information is critical to helping our clinical department to develop accurate, targeted and customized treatment plans. We believe that each patient needs their unique set of treatment protocols to address the unique origins and sustaining factors of their substance abuse. Once we establish patients’ clinical needs, they are routed to the appropriate program (IOP or PHP) and can begin their treatment.

The daily treatment cost includes psychiatric evaluation, all therapy groups and activities, meals and overnight accommodations. Urinalysis tests and costs for mediations are not included. Medical needs will be the responsibility of the client or their insurance carrier. The outpatient groups traditionally meet 2-3 times per week. The intervention fee includes all preparation meetings, an appropriate referral will be made if necessary. Interventions conducted out of the area may incur additional expenses that are the responsibility of the client. Call today for more details.

Discretion and Confidentiality You Can Trust

Harrison House acknowledges the value of confidential chemical dependency treatment. Our staff is committed to keeping all client information private. Any information forwarded to outside parties must be authorized and released, in writing, by the Harrison House client. You never have to worry about stigma, judgment or scrutiny. Part of ensuring peace of mind for our clients and their loved ones is providing the highest levels of confidentiality to each and every patient we treat, both during and after their care program. Harrison House has always maintained a patient-first treatment philosophy, and this means making sure clients and their loved ones can trust us with their safety, security and privacy.

Take the First Step Today

We understand that entry into treatment is, very often, a time-sensitive matter and that incoming patients can change their minds very quickly about entering a program. Recovery Unplugged at Harrison House works very hard to provide expedient entry into treatment while taking special care to address any questions you and your family has prior to treatment. We are committed to making the admissions process as quick and comfortable as possible. Contact our representatives to learn more about the process and what you can expect. You don’t have to surrender your life to addiction. The Harrison House has helped thousands of patients just like you overcome drug and alcohol addiction, and Recovery Unplugged at Harrison House is continuing this tradition of excellence every day.