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Your Recovery Starts Here

Recovery Unplugged at Harrison House has brought our proven and effective music-based treatment model to the historic and legendary Harrison House to help patients in the DC-Metro find the care and help they need to overcome drug and alcohol abuse. Offering comprehensive treatment in an outpatient and partial-hospitalization setting, we strive to uphold the commitment to excellence in care that has made the Harrison House a trusted and reputable substance abuse treatment leader. We offer a comprehensive menu of treatment services, including coordination with medically supervised detox at local hospitals as well as comprehensive, music-based behavioral rehab. Get the help you need now.

Helping You Write Your Recovery Song

A Tradition of Excellence and Results

For over two decades, drug and alcohol addiction sufferers in the DC-Metro area have relied on the Harrison House to help them take their lives, health and dignity back from drugs and alcohol. The Harrison House has remained at the forefront of Mid-Atlantic substance abuse treatment and has an unimpeachable track record of results. Recovery Unplugged is exceedingly proud to partner with this historic institution to bring more and more residents of the DC-Metro area quality care and respite from their substance abuse issues. You don’t have to fight this battle alone anymore. Call us today to get your life back on track.

Using Music to Heal

Music has a variety of useful physiological applications, many of which are being used every day by doctors, therapists and other care professionals. Music helps manage chronic pain by providing sensory stimulation that evokes responses in patients and can be incredibly useful in the treatment of withdrawal-related discomfort. It has also been demonstrated to work in a variety of other of clinical settings, including palliative care, pediatrics, surgery and anesthesia. It has the ability to engage us and hold our attention in ways that traditional conversation often lacks. The melodies, timber and rhythms allow us to connect with it on an unfiltered emotional level. Recovery Unplugged has harnessed this emotional power to help patients access their internal voice, gain their confidence and safely confront trauma and other issues associated with their substance abuse.

The Recovery Unplugged Treatment Process

Patients undergo a variety of music-based therapies, including music appreciation, composition exercises, performance in group therapy sessions, therapeutic journaling and lyric writing and much more. These exercises, combined with detox and withdrawal management, individualized counseling and medication-assisted treatment (if applicable) help patients launch a multipronged and well-rounded recovery while gaining the emotional tools they need to prevent relapse in high-pressure situations. Everyone has the innate ability to connect with music; Recovery Unplugged has observed the profound behavioral and physiological changes that music can bring forth, and has applied them to our treatment model. Since our inception, we have helped thousands of patients recognize and embrace the various healing benefits of music in their everyday recovery.